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Live in Relationship Agreement
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What is a Live-in Relationship?

Indian young generation is to be going more modern and likes to live with freedom and they adopt the modern culture. Live-in relation is a part of this modern culture. 

There is not any legal definition of live-in relation. But a live-in relationship is where a couple is agreed to live together before marriage but live as a married couple. These types of relationships are very common in western countries but not in India. Young & modern generations like this concept but socially this is not accepted

Sometimes this type of relationship is going long and converts into a permanent relation. But sometimes these relationships are not going well and the couple breaks their relationship.

Indian Law on Live-in Relationship:

According to the Supreme Court, Live-in relationship is legal when these conditions are completed:

1. In this relation, both girls and boys live together like a husband & wife.

2. Both are completed their legal marriage age.

3. Both are unmarried.

4. Both are live together with their own choice

When these all conditions are completed by the couple, then the live-in relationship is valid according to law.

Live-in Relationship agreement / Live together relationship agreement:

Live-in Relationship agreement is made when a couple lives together and describe their liberty and responsibility during the relationship and after its end. This particular point is written in this agreement:

 1. What happens about the property and other valuable things when the relationship is ended?

2. How they share their living and daily cost.

3. Their Responsibility for each other.

4. How they split (personal item, asset, and other things) if the relationship breaks down.

5. Live-in relationship agreement is canceled when both are agreed to cancel it.

In agreement, many other things are also included that decide by the couple.  The agreement is valid when both agree to follow the condition written on the agreement and Sign on it.

Make a Live-in relationship agreement online:

You can create your live-in relationship agreement online & offline. The online mode is more easy, fast, and time-saving than the offline mode. For making online live in a relationship agreement follow these Step:

  1. Visit the E-registry website and choose the Live-In Relationship Agreement option from the left sidebar.  
  2. Log in with your Name, Mobile no, and email id.
  3. Now a form will show on the screen fill the all correct details on the particular field and click on the Save button.
  4. Now a Preview of your agreement shown on the screen check all details that are correct and click on the Next button.
  5. Now pay a very low small fee via the online payment method.
  6. After successfully payment you can able to download your complete live-in relationship agreement from your profile section.

The download document is will be valid after sign by both of the people and also signed by two witnesses. Click on this button and make your live-in relationship agreement.

Live in Relationship Agreement

Live-in Relationship Agreement

Live-in Relationship Agreement

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Hello my name Sona Ravat... I'm married I have relation with else he is also married. We are happy to each other. I can make agreement. I'm going to abroad if I do agreement.he is saying that if u will not come back.. He can do process..... Please help me

10/12/2020 4:23:03 PM


Hello ma'am I am a married woman n hav a child but my husband use to beat me and I am not happy with him. He is not giving me divorce also. If I want to start a relationship with another person after how long years of separation I can start it.

10/27/2020 11:27:12 AM

Chandrashekhar Gorakh

We both are married. We want to stay together with relation ship. I have two child both are married self dependant. My wife staying in her own house science 2 year. I want to marry with her. Till to that time I want to stay with my friend with relation ship. Is it possible if both are agreed.

10/29/2020 8:13:38 PM

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